Cattle prices dropped in Bangladesh

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Good news for mass people in the up coming holy Eid-ul-Azha.

Prices of cattle dropped due to ample supply in the north.

And the prices are comparatively lower than that of the last year in the markets in northern districts due to high supply well ahead of the Eid- ul-Azha.
According to cattle traders a huge number of the cattle remained unsold recently due to less consumption following anthrax fear causing additional supply to the local markets and lower prices.
As a large number of cattle traders are sending a lot of their cattle to Dhaka and other big cities of the country. This caused abundance in the supply and thus lowering the price in the market.

The price of a bull is about Tk. 8,000 to Tk. 20,000 less than that of the last year due to huge supply in the market.
The buyers of all categories are satisfied because of affordable prices but cattle traders are not satisfied due to low prices and prefer to wait for few days more.

(based on BSS report)

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