Cellphones, Mobile Software Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection app searches out lost Androids and BlackBerrys

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Joining AT&T and Verizon in alms some software-based abstracts aegis for owners of its handsets, Sprint is today introducing its Total Equipment Protection app. Funnily enough; it uses the above Asurion software as the above added carriers, which would be why its functionality mirrors them so closely. With the TEP app, you’ll be able to clue your buzz via a web interface, force it to complete an anxiety alike if muted, lock it, and assuredly clean your contacts (which can afterwards be adequate already you get your handset back). The app itself, accordant with Android and BlackBerrry devices, is free; about you’ll charge to be active up to Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection program, which costs $7 a month. You’ll acquisition added capacity in the columnist absolution afterwards the break.

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