Dhaka residents experience 'village chill' this winter

Dhaka residents experience ‘village chill’ this winter

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Meteorologist Abdur Rahman said that the cold weather will continue throughout the month.

When the temperature drops below 6 degree Celsius over a vast area, it is considered as a severe cold wave. If the temperature of the region remains between 6-8 degrees Celsius, a moderate cold wave forms, while the temperature hovering between 8-10 degrees Celsius forms a mild cold wave.

At least a few cool snaps in the long-term forecast for January, including a normal one.

Meteorologists said apart from relatively low day temperatures, many areas including the capital were feeling cold due to strong northerly winds. At the same time, the current phase of cold may continue for a few more days.

Due to the depression and cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, winter came late this time. After two days of heavy rains, the outbreak of cold wave continued in the country.

[Writing in English by Arshi Fatiha Quazi; editing by Osham-ul-Sufian Talukder]

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