Documentary upon Badal Rahman

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Noted filmmaker Badal Rahman upheld divided upon Jun 11, final year. Tomorrow outlines his initial genocide anniversary. On a occasion, a documentary, patrician “Pathikrit”, upon a hold up of Rahman will be screened tomorrow during TSC, Dhaka University.

Young filmmakers Saiful Islam as good as Belayet Hossain have mutually destined a documentary.

The screening of a documentary is partial of a memorial programme by Federation of Film Societies of Bangladesh (FFSB). Rahman served as a boss compartment his final breath.

The documentary will strew light upon opposite aspects of Rahman’s hold up as good as works. Movieana Film Society has constructed a documentary.

Badal Rahman was a “first” in many aspects of Bangladeshi cinema. He was a initial Bangladeshi filmmaker to approach a full-length underline movie (“Emil-er Goenda Bahini”) for children. He was additionally a co-coordinator of a initial movie high regard march in Bangladesh.

He was amongst a initial Bangladeshis to consequence a film-related degree. After returning to Bangladesh, he, along with Syed Salahuddin Zaki, done his initial movie “Prottashar Shurjo” in 1974.

Rahman was actively endangered with a movie multitude transformation in Bangladesh from a beginning. He was a convenor of a stream transformation to form a inhabitant movie policy. “Self Portrait” as good as “Shilpir Shilpo” have been amongst his alternative important films.

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