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The Bangla word ‘Prothoma’ equates to initial in in in in between women. This word is customarily used as a reverence to a lady whose grant to a multitude is unparalleled. What would be a improved pretension of an muster highlighting a pioneering womanlike photographer Sayeda Khanam?

As loyalty to Khanam, a piece for one person photography muster by Roksana Islam was not long ago hold during a Drik Gallery in Dhanmondi. Titled “Prothoma”, a muster proposed upon Dec 29. Featuring scarcely 100 photos, a muster was a conspicuous pick up upon Khanam.

“When Khanam proposed her detailed journey, multitude was not so accessible towards women stepping out of a home. She overcame this prejudice as good as paved a approach for us,” wrote Roksana in her muster note.

In 1962, Khanam, as a photographer operative for a cine-based repository Chitrali, went to Calcutta (now Kolkata) to talk Satyajit Ray. Observing her passion for photography, Ray praised her as good as said, “Women of a countries customarily do not wish to take up this profession.” She has won multiform general awards as approval of her work.

Khanam additionally worked as a Press Photographer for a women’s magazine, Begum. She did portraits of general history-makers such as Queen Elizabeth, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin, Michael Collins, Indira Gandhi as good as Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

The muster is an result of Roksana Islam’s choice during her diploma march during Pathshala South Asian Institute of Photography (now Pathshala Media Academy).

All of a photos have been in black as good as white. Roksana’s camera attempted to constraint fragments of Khanam’s life. To do so, Rokshana went everywhere with Khanam — from her vital room to a kitchen market; from endowment giving rite to tour for photography.

At home, browsing books during a library, in attendance grave programmes, reception bouquets from womanlike photographers, receiving photos of distinguished personalities, enjoying live strain during home — vignettes of Khanam’s hold up have been prisoner by Roksana’s camera.

The weeklong muster finished upon Jan 4.

After completing a one-year diploma from Pathshala, during benefaction Roksana has been operative as a photojournalist. Several of her photos have been displayed during opposite organisation exhibitions.

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