Four Eid films doing well

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Eid-filmIt’s a tradition in Bangladesh that people visit cinema halls with friends and family during Eid vacation. There have been many talks on Bangladeshi films that Bangladeshi films are failing to cope with the changed world. People are watching big budget English and Hindi films and they are saying Bangladeshi films are ridiculous. Few people are going halls; most are watching televisions, watching cinemas on DVD players, downloading cinemas from internet. It was looking nearly impossible to bring movie lovers back to halls.

But four films were released on last Eid, none has flopped and at least two of those are highly successful. Now Dhaka has two Cineplex they have screened Eid films and many other halls in Dhaka and all over the country have screend Eid films.

The four films are Purna Dourgho Prem Kahini, Premik Number One, Full and Final and Ki Prem Dekhaila. Shakib Kahn has acted in three of these films. Purna Dourgho Prem Kahini and Full and Final are highly successful. More than seventy halls of the country are screening the films now. This indicates that Shakib Khan is still a popular hero here. People are liking melodious songs, beautiful shooting locations and above all the stories. New type  of stories have added new dimension in Bangladeshi film.

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