Government believes in mandate, not conspiracy: Asaduzzaman

Government believes in mandate, not conspiracy: Asaduzzaman

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Highlighting the efforts of the present government to change the fortunes of the people, he said, “When we took over, the poverty rate was 28 per cent. At present, it is 5 per cent. Insha Allah, it will become zero in 2040. Significant success Will get.” To be achieved in 2030. The literacy rate will be 100 percent by 2040.”

Regarding the role of Industrial Police in the country, he said that Industrial Police has built a bridge between the owners and workers in the factory area.

He said, “The industrial police managed to convince the workers that these factories belong to them. If the factory gets damaged, it is harmful for them too. The idea of ​​this industrial police came from the mind of the Prime Minister.”

Later, the Home Minister attended a rally of Awami League at Railgate No. 2 area of ​​the city.

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