India decides to follow Israel

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Separation of India in 1947 is a chapter of great sorrow for many families in South Asia. This separation got support from many leaders, especially from Muslim leaders. They thought it was obvious after bitter communal riot between Hindu and Muslims.

Many Indian politicians blame Muslim leaders for the separation. The border between India and Pakistan separated many families. Millions of Muslims and Hindus were forced to migrate.
Relation between India and Pakistan was always tensed. These two nation experienced there major wars since their independence.

But relation between India and Bangladesh was supposed to be very friendly as their army helped Bangladesh in the independence war; on paper it’s true.

India remains its border open with Nepal and Bhutan. But they are fencing in their borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh.
Many Bangladeshi strategic experts say, a friend never puts fence in his border with his friend.
The India-Bangladesh border is one of the bloodiest borders in the world. Apparently the Indian security force has taken the policy of ‘shot at sight’. Many experts compare this border with the border between Israel and Palestine, where they have built fence with concrete and steel razor wires. They have used many sate of the art technology including camera and sensor there.

It is reported that some Indian experts will fly to Israel to learn how they can make Indian border more effective. Indians think their fences are not working 100% as it is still porous.


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