Male student beaten by female classmates for eve teasing

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Three female students of Rajshahi New Government Degree College have beaten their male classmate for eve teasing. It was Thursday noon after the test examination of class twelve humanities group. Other students shot the incident with their mobile phone and shared that on social media. This 25 second video became viral which shows three female students wearing college uniform are beating their male classmate.
The allegation is, that male student gave dirty proposal to one of his female classmates in front of college gate. She refused and then the male student tried to touch the student inappropriately. Later that female student informed it to other female students and they challenged the male student.
Principal of the Rajshahi New Government Degree College has told to media that he has talked with concerned students. College authority could take action against the male student. Beating, filming the incident and sharing that to social media isn’t proper way to retaliate.

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