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Pedestrians walk faster than vehicles in the capital

Traffic situation in the capital Dhaka has worsened in recent years. Average speed of public transports, private cars and rickshaws have become slower than walking. Motorcycles have added new dimension to the existing problem. Mobile app based ride sharing apps have made motorcycles popular. It can take you to destination much faster than other transports. But motorcycle is a risky mode of transportation in the capital, where buses, trucks and other giant vehicles use the same lane. Moreover motorcycles are a lucrative source of income for dishonest police personnel. They always eye on motorbikes for easy bribe. So they can’t concentrate on their main duty and total traffic system is suffering. Parking motorbikes haphazardly in another problem. Usually motorbikes don’t follow traffic rules.
Ongoing metro-rail project is another culprit. This ongoing project has narrowed down some important roads, which is causing severe traffic jam. These roads include the road beside Dhaka Press Club. Traditionally people and organizations from different parts of Bangladesh come to Dhaka Press Club and form human chain to draw attention from authority on various issues. It’s another reason of traffic jam in press club area.

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