The torchbearer of progressive politics is remembering Abdur Rob Boga Mia

The torchbearer of progressive politics is remembering Abdur Rob Boga Mia

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He believed in respectful relations as a means of organizing party politics and bringing strength to the grassroots. His relations with the leaders of other political parties were also respectable. Boga Miya played an important role in Bangabandhu’s Six Point Movement and helped raise awareness among the masses, which eventually resulted in the mass movement of 1968–1969.

He participated in Pabna’s “Bhutta Movement” against the then Pakistan Government in 1967 and was on their wanted list in Pabna. Boga Miya won the general election in 1970 from Pabna Sadar as an Awami League candidate and became a member of the provincial assembly. After the 1970 election, Boga Mia maintained frequent contacts with leaders of the Central Awami League, including Bangabandhu. He organized the Pabna District Awami League, the Chhatra League and the people of the then East Pakistan for the anti-Junta movement. All this happened after Bangabandhu’s historic 7th March speech in 1971, which set the pace for the preparation of Bangladesh’s Liberation War. Boga Mia played an important role in the preparations for the war.

In April 1971, Pabna was temporarily independent and was the first district to be established under the rule of Bangladesh as an independent country by the order of Bangabandhu’s 7 March Proclamation. The first rubber stamp for official purposes was introduced, and the treasury or financial system was introduced by the district commissioner with the political backing of the Boga Mia. He raised the first flag of independent Bangladesh at Pabna to support its sovereign rights.

Boga Mia’s best quality was his honesty and love for people without any worldly interest, and he was totally free from any urge to show power, corruption and illegal activities. Senior leaders trusted him as a loyal and influential politician. During his lifetime, Boga Mia fought to strengthen the truth and demonstrated honesty and openness. He actually practiced what he preached among the people. Boga Mia made a decision and accepted responsibility for his actions and his words. He made promises and kept those promises. Loving people with all his heart, strength, mind and soul, he endeavored to help whoever was in need, leaving a shining mark of responsible leadership.

[Takir Hossain is a journalist and art critic.]

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