Tigress rescued, to be expelled in safari park

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A wandering Bengal tigress was discovered yesterday sunrise nearby Khashitana stay of a Sundarbans.

It is 7 as great as a half feet in length as great as has a single of a rear legs cut off from a knee joint, timberland officials said.

Wife of Sujuddin, a fisherman during Angtihara encampment nearby a forest, saw it initial around 6:00pm upon Saturday when she entered her house. The tigress was there until a subsequent morning.

The residence owners outlayed a night outward a residence watchful for a encampment tiger reply team. Hundreds of villagers out of oddity swarming around a house.

The encampment tiger reply group reached a theatre in a morning. It tranquillized a tigress as great as brought to Kolagachia stay safely inside of thirty minutes. At a time of filing of a report, a tigress was being taken to Dhaka timberland office.

Today, it will be eliminated to Dulahazari safari park.

“The six-year-old tigress was unequivocally diseased given it was formidable for her to track with 3 legs,” pronounced Abu Naser Mohsin Hossain, partner conservator of timberland (ACF), Sundarbans division, who tranquillized a tigress.

Seeing a leg injury, he pronounced a tigress had mislaid a leg when it had been a pup of a single or a single as great as a half years.

Earlier, timberland as great as Sundarbans Tiger Project officials prisoner an additional wandering tiger upon Feb nineteen final year from Harinagar encampment of Shyamnagar upazila in Satkhira district. It was expelled in to a Sundarbans as great as after found passed in a forest.

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