Two million dollars for a nude scene!

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images (6)producer count two million dollars for a nude scene .
Churches were on the scene out of the Queen will walk naked through the city. But, the only actress in this scene has been drawn to this amount. However, it is interesting is not a movie scene. TV serial “game of thrones. The Queen was played by the British actress lena headey. To shooting 41-year-old actress nude scene dokanadaraderao prayojakadeo Croatia has to pay for being closed for four days. 00 people had to hire security. Four crews attended the shooting spot. When Lena was naked, he was not spot anyone other than the four employees. Use of mobile phones was banned shooting spot. If you use one of the two and a half million dollars in mobile provision was filed. Took part in several sabalilabhabei scene lena headey.

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