When Runa met Lata

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“Hearing ‘I’m a fan’ from a vital fable is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. you was upon tip of a world,” pronounced Runa Laila.

The diva not long ago met ‘Bharat Ratna’ Lata Mangeshkar during a latter’s chateau in Mumbai.

“I achieved during multiform Puja celebrations in Delhi, Mumbai as good as Kolkata. On Oct 2, you achieved during a jubilee hosted by Rani Mukerji’s family as good as upon Oct 4, during thespian Abhijeet’s programme. Alamgir as good as you met Lataji upon Oct 3. Though a assembly was ostensible to final 30-40 minutes, you finished up chatting for a integrate of hours,” pronounced Laila.

“I met Lataji for a initial time in 1974 — during my unison in Bombay (now Mumbai). That was my initial uncover in India. Lataji was a arch guest during a concert, organized by ICCR. In 1975, you did playback for a film, ‘Ek Se Badhkar Ek’ (music citation by Kalyanji Anandji); Lataji attended a mahurat (launch) of that,” removed Laila.

Since mid-’70s, a dual singers haven’t had a possibility to encounter one-on-one, according to Runa Laila.

“Her (Mangeshkar’s) nephews as good as nieces were revelation me that they adore my strain as good as that’s when Lataji pronounced ‘I as good am a fan’. you perceived gifts — a sari, dual of her latest CDs. That has to be a singular of a many noted practice of my life,” pronounced Laila.

Asked what a turnouts were similar to during her latest concerts in India, a diva said, “I was astounded to see a lot of teenagers in a audience. I’d contend a turnouts were impressive.”

In latest years utterly a integrate of of her renouned songs have been remixed in India. What’s her take upon that? “I consider these songs should be ‘remade’ as good as not ‘remixed’. The artiste, who creatively available a sold song, should sing a transformed chronicle too. Several eminent artistes have available ‘Dama Dam Mast Qalandar’, though any has finished it in his/her signature style. If someone is desirous by my cover of a strain as good as decides to reconstitute it, you should be a a singular re-recording it,” Runa Laila said.

PTV (Pakistan TV) longed for to honour a artist with a Lifetime Achievement Award upon a arise of a 47th anniversary. But due to a inconstant incident in Pakistan, Runa Laila has sent regrets.

The artist is bustling with playbacks for Bangladeshi films. Among a immature strain directors, she referred to Emon Saha, Shawkat Ali Emon, Bappa Mazumdar as good as Adit to be gifted.

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