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Why are potatoes getting record prices in Bangladesh?

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The question arises that when new potatoes will come in the market after a month, how realistic is the decision to import? It is noteworthy that the government had earlier decided to import eggs and even after one and a half months, not a single egg has been imported. As a result, there is no guarantee whether or when potatoes will ever reach the country’s market even if a decision to import is made.

The Agriculture Ministry is also responsible for the volatility of agricultural product markets such as potatoes, which are produced in large quantities. Agricultural production has seen steady growth in recent years.

However, the disparity between these statistics and the actual situation becomes apparent only when a crisis occurs. In the case of potatoes, information from the Ministry of Agriculture shows that in the current financial year, 15 to 20 lakh tonnes of potatoes have been produced in the country, which is more than the demand.

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