Will we be able to read our political weather accurately?

Will we be able to read our political weather accurately?

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So then, do we need to ignore the current bad weather in order to move forward? Actually, no one can deny the weather in this world. Only one can challenge it. It is the energy that keeps one’s head above water in the midst of a destructive cyclone. Is this kind of disobedience lacking in our country at this time? Maybe we should take a look at primary school education related to the rights and responsibilities of a good citizen. We cannot claim ourselves a good citizen just by reading about bad weather and waiting for foreign gods to make it good. We are well aware of everything around us thanks to the power of our brain. However, because of our blindness about what to do we are unaware of ourselves. The most frightening feature of our weather-focused madness is that we have developed a belief system based on the knowledge that we have nothing to do in and for ourselves. It seems, the only task at hand is to change the direction of the antenna according to the wind and watch the movie together!

Michael Greenstone once said, “Without economists in the room, it’s like a free-for-all where everyone is going after their own narrow self-interest and there is no voice for efficiency. And efficiency really means ‘every It is not true that everyone has their own account of profit and loss, whether written or not. Although people talk about economic and social development 24 hours , but it is their own development that they really want. However, this expectation is not unlike modern development theories inspired by the ‘invisible hand theory’ of the great Adam Smith. Therefore, if someone thinks that he experienced the mythical development If someone thinks otherwise, he can use his power to maintain the architect of that development. If someone thinks otherwise, he can also use his power to bring about change.

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