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Woman with two children to escape the humiliation

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Otherwise humiliation in public through a rural settlement in flimsy charges to stand, a housewife committed suicide along with two of her children by jumping under a train at Madhabpur in habiganj district on Monday.

Ferdousi, 35, wife of Saudi expatriate Jilon MIA, was killed when she jumped over with her four children under a train.

Two of the children of Banya, 8, and Jiban, 12, died with her on the spot while the rest two Vadims, Jharna, 8, and 9 Indian General Hospital in a critical condition were admitted.

The incident took place 15 days after the High Court an end to the harassment of women in the name of the settlement after the torture of two housewives by an arbitration tribunal village in Rangpur, ordered the shock waves across the country sent.

In July 31 ruling, the Court said steps against the police also would be taken, if not such harassment to stop.

Locals said that Ferdousi lived village home with their children on their Sultanpur since her husband Jilon went to Dubai-job three years ago.

Left Jilon for Dubai and the care of his cousin, Kadir Ferdousi of family.

A neighbor told told that President Atiqur Rahman, back, a rual arbitration, under the direction of local union Parishad accused Ferdousi and Kadir to a month to have, on the pretext that he frequented her house extramarital relationship.

Atiqur said that he had settled the question at this time.

On Sunday another arbitration, where Atiqur was not present, “condemned” Ferdousi and asked her the village leave.

The UP Chairman, said, ‘ the brother Karim called me Jilon and village said referee outlawed Ferdousi. I was against the decision.’

Witnesses said Molai MIA, Mohabbat Khan, Abdur Rahim, Faruk MIA, Abdur Rahman, Mahmud Ali and Abu Taher ran the arbitration.

She could not be contacted but.

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