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Bipasha wants someone like Brad Pitt

DN-Bipasha-BasuMedia and fans are always interested in personal life of the celebrities. Whom they love, whom they are going to marry and when they are going to marry are so common question.

Bengali actress Bipasha Basu is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood and as usual she is always bombarded with question like ‘when she is going to tie her knot’.

After the breakup of decade long relationship with another Bollywood star John Abraham last year Bipasha is always under constant speculation. But this appealing actress kept her story under veil.

Bipasha says, her fans want her to settle down a relationship with someone really good. But it is not easy to find that type of man.

She says, that man do not need to be fit and lean like her but he should have self confidence and may look like Brad Pitt. Bipasha says she is not unhappy with her single life and pointed out that other actresses have married at late. So there is nothing wrong with it.

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