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Benefits of drinking coffee

For most of us, the day does not begin without the early morning shot of caffeine. While drinking coffee might be viewed as an addiciton, there are myriad benefits to drinking coffee. Here are some of them. Coffee reduces the risk of cancer: Caffeine contains polyphenols, which help reduces the risk of cancer. Regular coffee […]

Filtered coffee keeps diabetes at bay

Regular, moderate consumption of filtered, decaffeinated coffee may decrease an individual’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, promising research indicates. Filtered coffee exhibited a greater protective effect than boiled coffee and decaffeinated coffee showed a greater protective effect than caffeinated coffee. “Drinking decaffeinated filtered coffee at lunch time is the best time of day to […]

Marijuana May Hold Promise As Treatment For PTSD

More than 5 million people suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) annually, and new research suggests that cannabis may help them find relief and may even offer better care than the current class of drugs commonly used to treat the disorder. According to research published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology, the administering of synthetic […]

Travelling with a smoker increases cancer risk

While simply sitting in cars with people who smoke, non-smokers breathe in a host of potentially dangerous compounds that are associated with cancer, heart disease and lung disease, says a new research. In a small yet significant study, 14 non-smokers sat for one hour in the passenger seat of a parked sport utility vehicle behind […]

Phone use may lead to brain cancer

The longer someone talks over the phone – in terms of hours and years – the more likely is he/she to develop glioma, a deadly form of brain cancer, says a new study. Brain tumour rates were three times more among people, who spoke on cell or cordless phones after more than 25 years than […]

Five minute walk every hour good for your heart

If you are working long hours at the desk, do make it a point to take a five minute walk every hour to reverse negative effects of prolonged sitting, says an Indian-origin researcher. “We found that easy five minute walks can reverse harm caused to leg arteries during hours of prolonged sitting,” claimed Saurabh Thosar, […]

Regular fruit juice drinking could lead to high BP

A glass of fruit juice a day may not be as ‘healthy’ as previously thought as researchers found that those who regularly drink fruit juice have significantly higher blood pressure than those who have it occasionally. With high amounts of sugar with negligible fiber, a daily glass of fruit juice could lead to high blood […]

Iftar twist: Mango and Mint Kheer

Rice cooked in milk, saffron, loads of nuts and flavored with mango puree and mint leaves. A fruity twist to an all time favorite dessert now can be your children’s best Iftar. Enjoy this rich and creamy mango and mint kheer recipe with all. Ingredients 2 1/2 cups milk 1 cup basmati rice 3 Tbsp […]

Rush Hour Iftar menu: Oven Baked BBQ Cjicken

If you are in a hurry and also need to have a to do with your Ramadan Iftar menu for all. Then pick this one without being worried. Ramadan-perfect BBQ chicken that will have your family asking for more! Just don’t forget the hand wipes- you’ll want to eat these up with your hands! Prep […]

Ramadan Sipping: Yummy-Creamy Date Shake

Most of you have probably heard of date milkshakes and the pretty well-known stands at farms and orchards who sell them. A date shake perfect for iftar, and a great way to incorporate dates into your diet. This Ramadan we decided to make this for you since we always have so many dates on hand […]

FDA approves Inhaled Insulin

The Food and Drug Administration has approved an inhalable form of insulin to help adults with diabetes control their blood sugar while eating. On Friday, the FDA approved Afrezza, a fast-acting powdered form of insulin that comes in small single-use cartridges. The drug maker says the powder should be inhaled within 20 minutes of the […]

Wanna Know universal tips of Healthy Ramadan?

Amidst the enveloping atmosphere of love, warmth and generosity surrounding the Iftar tables illuminated by colorful Ramadan lamps, there will still remain an element of uniqueness depending on the specific habits and details that differ from countries to houses. Here are something special tips for Ramadan this year as well. With the holy month of […]

Want to quit smoking? Turn to texting

Interactive and persuasive text messages received on your phone can motivate you to kick the butt, says a new study which found that more than 11 percent of smokers who used a text-messaging programme to help them quit did so. The subjects remained smoke-free at the end of a six-month study as compared to just […]

How smart phones are ruining your sleep

Know that blue light your smart phone emits during the night gives you false signal that it is actually morning – forcing you to open eyes and look outside the window? Switch off smart phones or tabs as the blue light is actually destroying your sleep, researchers warn. “One of the best biological cues we […]

No harmful chemical in watermelon

It’s not harmful to consume watermelons you can buy, public claims Microbiological contamination from consumption of ruined watermelons caused the demise regarding a couple kids throughout Kushtia and Manikganj, officials say. The particular probe survey within the deaths had been exposed at the press conference with the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) […]