Bangladesh-US relations 'cordial' but some sections trying to create bitterness: Momen

Bangladesh-US relations ‘cordial’ but some sections trying to create bitterness: Moment

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The External Affairs Minister said, “We have remarkably friendly relations with the United States. America believes in the same principles and values ​​that we believe in. Bangladesh is a country where we have fought for democracy.”

Although we won the popular vote, we were not allowed to form a government in 1971. Rather, genocide was inflicted on us and then Bangabandhu declared independence.”

Momen said Bangladesh declared independence to establish democracy, justice and human rights.

“Because of this, we had to sacrifice the lives of 30 lakh people during the liberation war. Nowhere in the world have so many people sacrificed themselves for democracy and human rights in such a short period of time. We are the only nation in the world that did so Is.” He made such a huge sacrifice for democracy and human rights.

Referring to the replacement of the Digital Security Act, he said, the government accepted the suggestions given by the United States as a friendly country.

Referring to the opposition, the Foreign Minister said, “The United States expects free and fair elections, and we are also committed to free and fair elections. But there are some people in our country who want to boycott the elections, They are afraid of elections.” , that they are trying to sabotage the election.

The Foreign Minister said that Bangladesh is now the 35th largest economy in the world.

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