Bangladeshi Prime Minister honored as sixth most powerful women of the world

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Bangladeshi Prime minister Sheikh Hasina has been announced as one of the most powerful women of the world. New York Times made a survey online and announced 10 most powerful women’s name. Sheikh Hasina’s name was in sixth position among them. Her position is also in sixth in CNN survey.

All of ten most powerful women’s brief introductions are given below:

  1. Julia Gilard, present prime minister, Australia. Born in 29 September, 1961
  2. Jouhan Sioyarto, present Prime minister, Island. Born in 4 October, 1942
  3. Christiana farnandes de Kirchener, Present Prime minister, Argentina. Born in 19 February, 1953
  4. Dalia Graboskaite, Present President, Lithuania. Born in 1 March, 1956.
  5. Angela Markel, Present Chancellor, Germany. Born in 17 July 1954
  6. Sheikh Hasina, Present Prime Minister, Bangladesh. Born in 28 September,  1947
  7. Alen Jhonson, Present President, Liberia. Born in 29 October 1938
  8. Tarja Halonen, Present President, Finland. Born in 24 December 1943
  9. Kamala Prashad, Present President, Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. Born in 22 April, 1952.
  10. Laura Chinchila Miranda, Present President, Costa Rica. Born in 28 March 1959


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