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BUET Status: Deadlock ends soon

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The activation of systematic student politics in educational institutions means that all student organizations will be able to carry on their activities there and the elected representatives of the student council will make efforts without any hesitation to protect the learning environment and solve the problems of the students. Of a party. But in reality there is no such situation. Therefore, it is meaningless to talk about organized politics by Chhatra League.

However, we believe that the protesting student should also not take any action that may disrupt academic activities. This will really cause trouble to the students whose interests they are trying to protect through protests. Everyone demands that there should be a safe and proper environment for education. Suspension of educational activities cannot be desirable in any way.

In view of the demands of the students, the university administration has constituted an inquiry committee. We would hope that the inquiry committee will submit a proper report and take necessary action to resolve the current impasse. A fair and normal environment should return to the university, examinations and classes should continue – this is everyone's expectation.

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