Dhaka University hall control: Student League's dominance overturned by administration

Dhaka University hall control: Student League's dominance overturned by administration

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Prothom Alo spoke to at least 15 teachers who were or are associated with the administration of various halls of residence at Dhaka University. Many residential teachers said that the university officials just take decisions and carry out their duties. But the reality is that residential teachers do not have the power to allot seats to students or evict those who have completed their studies and are no longer students. The student front of the ruling party has become an obstacle in this regard. There is a fear of being harassed if an attempt is made to intervene. That is why teachers do not have the courage to work hard. University officials take decisions at the central level, but do not take any effective initiative to implement the decisions.

When BNP was in power, the student wing controlled the halls, teachers said. In the 2007–08 period of the military-backed caretaker government, Hall was in control of the administration.

After the Awami League came to power in 2009, Professor ASM Arefin Siddiqui became the Vice-Chancellor. During his tenure, Professor Asif Nazrul was the Provost of Sir PJ Hartog International Hall. At that time he raised a proposal in the meeting of the Provost Standing Committee. Referring to this, Asif Nazrul told Prothom Alo that first year students should be given priority in seat allotment in the hall. Preference is given to new students in universities abroad. But here the case is completely opposite. First year students are obliged to live in the 'Gono Room'. He said that at that time everyone agreed to his proposal, but no official decision was taken in this regard. If just this decision is taken then the oppression of the hall-centric student organization will be reduced to a great extent. Therefore, the ruling party and its loyal teachers and administration will never do this.

Vice President (VP) of DUCSU said, in the first meeting of Dhaka University Central Students Union (DUCSU) in 2019, merit-based seat allocation as well as control of administration in the hall was discussed. Time, Nurul Haq. Speaking to Prothom Alo, he said that Chhatra League leaders also agreed to this in the meeting. But later the Chhatra League leaders did not want the control of the hall to go to the administration because then students with different views would enter the hall.

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