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Divorce between Amitav Reza and Zeni

Marital Relation between Bangladeshi famous Advertisement film maker Amitav Reza and actress Zeni has been broken recently. Their relatives said that the decision of divorce has been taken through both of their desire. Sources said that lack of matching between two was the main reason of breaking this relation. The misunderstanding was being continued for last few months. Therefore they used to live separately. Zeny lived in her father’s home at Iskaton (Dhaka) and Amitav lived at his flat in Uttara (Dhaka). Finally they decided to go for divorce. Amitav already sent his divorce letter to Zeny. But it is unknown that when did they signed up in the divorce paper. It is known that Amitav is now staying at USA. Other way Zeny denied giving any comment about her divorce.

Source: Kaler Kantha (January 17, 2010)

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