Indian spices are also harmful for health: FDA

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FDAFood and Drug Administration of United States asked Bangladeshi brand PRAN to withdraw their turmeric powder few days ago. They said, it is containing lead in higher than the accepted level. It is harmful for newborns, children and pregnant women.

The case of excessive lead was revealed when they were trying to find the cause of illness of a man residing in New York.

But not only Bangladeshi spices, but also Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Mexican spices are causing health risk. Spices from India and Mexico are more harmful, say FDA officials.

Twelve percent of spices imported in United States are containing dead insect body, rotten hair and other harmful elements. Indian and Mexican spices are causing more health risk than others.

Non food grade colors are being used in spices, edible oil and different food items. Seven percent spices containing salmonella bacteria. 749 ships carrying spices coming from India, China and Vietnam were bared to anchor in US ports in last three years. Moreover 238 ships were not allowed to unload goods. Asian and South Asian migrants are the main customers of these spices.

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