Local pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing several drugs to battle coronavirus pandemic

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Coronavirus illness called Covid-19 is completely a new type of disease. Microbiologists don’t know very much about the virus, doctors don’t know well about the treatment procedure. In fact currently no medication is available to treat this viral disease. Both rich and poor countries are searching desperately for effective medication. There are reports that some drugs including hydroxychloroquine can be effective to treat this disease.

There have been mixed result. Some doctors have reported that they have used hydroxychloroquine with other drugs and patients seemed to have recovered well. US president Donald Trump has mentioned that this drug may be a game changer in the fight against Coronavirus.

Bangladeshi pharmaceutical companies have also joined the effort to produce drugs to fight Coronavirus. Among others Incepta, SKF, Beacon, Beximco and Ziska are producing drugs which have seen effective against this disease. Directorate of Drug Administration of Bangladesh has given permission to produce these drugs. As a least developed country Bangladeshi pharmaceutical companies have the liberty to manufacture drugs without patent.

Local companies have already collected active pharmaceutical ingredients of other possible drugs like favipiravir, oseltamivir and ivermectin. They are hoping to supply these drugs when Bangladeshi authorities ask.

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