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‘NFS Most Wanted’, ‘Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare’ free on PlayStation

0117a098340d.originalAt the first ever PlayStation Experience event taking place in Las Vegas, Electronic Arts (EA) has announced that gamers the world over will be able to download three of its games for free this weekend on PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation Vita owners can download the racing game Need For Speed: Most Wanted, while PlayStation 3 owners can get first-person parkour classic, Mirror’s Edge. And if you have a PlayStation 4, co-op and multiplayer shooter Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is yours for free.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted weighs in at a 2.1GB download, Mirror’s Edge is 4.9GB, and Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is around 14GB. These download sizes do not account for any additional software updates that may be needed to run the games. You don’t have to download them in their entirety to claim them or even switch on your console – just log into your PlayStation Network account on Sony’s website and click on the shopping cart button next to the word “Free” to register them to your PlayStation Network (PSN) account for download at your convenience.

You might want to hurry though. These games are only available for free during PlayStation Experience, which is from right now all the way up to 1:30 AM IST on Monday, December 8.

It’s a smart move from EA to give away a few of its back catalogue to PlayStation console owners. Of late, the game publisher has seen more activity on other formats, such as its EA Access subscription service (exclusive to the Xbox One) and a slew of Black Friday deals on its PC digital service, Origin.

Source: NDTV

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