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Sri Lankan media thanks Bangladeshi cricket lovers

Sri LankaIt was thought that Bangladeshi cricket lovers mostly support two sub continental countries Pakistan and India after Bangladesh. But there were huge supporters for Sri Lanka in the recent T20 world cup final.

Dhaka and Chittagong venues became a home ground for them because they are playing here continuously since January. They were unbeaten during the test, ODI and T20 series against Bangladesh. Then they became unbeaten champion of the Asia cup hosted in Bangladesh. And finally they won the final of the T20 world cup.

There were many cricket fans in the stadium supporting Sri Lanka. Bangladeshis love sports and they enjoy sports events. They support countries like Argentina and Brazil during the football world cup, they support sub continental countries like Pakistan and India in cricket. They go to stadium with the flag of the country they are supporting.

Some Bangladeshi celebrities were seen with Indian flag in gallery when India was playing.

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