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Teachers opposing the decision to restrict private tuition

Private tuition by teachers is a debated issue in Bangladesh.  Many people, especially teachers argue that teacher student ratio in Bangladesh is not in a situation as it should have been. A teacher has to teach so many students in a class. So he can’t pay proper attention to every student. On the other hand salary of a teacher is too low; this is why a teacher is compelled to look for an extra income source.

But there is different opinion also. When a teacher engages himself in private tuition, usually he is not sincere in classroom teaching. He influences students to take private tuition from him. Poor students can’t afford this. So education is becoming expensive and it is something only for the solvent people.

Usually private tuition is a shorter version of teaching in very short time. The teacher only teaches those portions of syllabus which is important for exam. So result is indicating someone as a good student. But in fact that student has very limited knowledge on book. Moreover,  a private tutor only concentrates on result, he never encourages creativity. Many educationalists blame this type of system for the fall of education quality.

In this situation the government has decided to bar private teaching by school, college and madrassah teachers. According to the proposed plan any teacher may provide private tuition, but he can’t provide it to the student of his own institution.

A group of teachers expressed their dismay on government’s new move in a press conference yesterday. They termed it as a conspiracy to destroy the education system of the country, they said this decision will make the nation talentless. They also demanded increment in their salary, only increment in salary can stop private tuition.

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