World Tourism Day 2011

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This year the World Tourism Day (WTD) was celebrated in Bangladesh upon twenty-seven Sep as elsewhere of the world. The thesis of the WTD is ‘Tourism Linking Cultures.’ It equates to joining together the cultures of the star by travel. Millions of people revisit most places as good as believe pick cultures any year. This communication in in between people as good as communities, as good as their opposite cultures, lead to tolerance, apply oneself as good as mutual understanding. As per the UNWTO statistics, 940 million tourists crossed ubiquitous borders in 2010. Through tourism, millions of people have been brought closer any day. On this occasion, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) said, “World Tourism Day is an eventuality to simulate upon the significance of tourism to tellurian well-being. As you travel, let us rivet with pick cultures as good as applaud tellurian diversity. Let us commend tourism as the force for the some-more tolerant, open as good as joined world.” In this regard, the UNWTO Secretary General said, “… the call to all those concerned in tourism to movement in the approach which is unwavering as good as deferential of culture, which promotes intercultural discourse as good as ensures which internal communities entirely experience in, as good as good from, the growth opportunities of tourism.” To have the thesis of this day unequivocally meaningful, you contingency be deferential to the inland cultures of Bangladesh. We contingency uncover apply oneself to the internal communities whilst origination the tourism growth plan, as good as work for safeguarding the inland people’s rights in the country. We should rise eco-tourism as good as informative tourism, instead of mass tourism which can be damaging to the abounding culture.

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