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Military cooperation between Dhaka and Washington

The Bangladesh army is bigger than the UK army. But Bangladesh army doesn’t have modern equipments like the UK army. Most of the equipments are backdated and not effective in the modern battle. Now the Bangladesh army is trying to modernize its equipments by importing and making weapons locally.

The US government is considering this an opportunity to enhance their military capability in this region. The US government is saying that they have surplus military equipments and they want to let their partners to use those. They are calling this Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement and it was first proposed in 2006; Bangladesh was not interested at that time. Sri Lanka signed this deal with US in 2007. Now the US has intensified their effort to sign this deal with Bangladesh. Some US military officials are due to visit Dhaka in14th to 18 May. Experts believe that US is now focusing on South Asia because movement through this region will reduce cost for them and they want make sure that China does not take the upper hand.

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