Study shows men are misusing loans taken in women's names: Implications for financial inclusion

Snigdha Ali, Bangladesh Country Lead, Inclusive Financial Systems, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation moderated the event. She said bankers have more confidence in women who wear modern attire than those who wear the veil, but women's access to the outside world is still restricted. CRD Managing Director Mohammad Mokhlesur Rahman threw light on the research […]

Equal participation of men and women for overall development of the country: PM Hasina International Women's Day

Initially, a documentary on women and the activities of the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs was shown. “Joita” (victorious) is the symbolic name of a woman who overcomes all obstacles and reaches the pinnacle of success, that is, a struggling and indomitable woman. The government announced the award to Joyetas in five categories: women […]

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina seeks special fund from World Bank for women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today asked the World Bank (WB) to provide more loans at concessional rates to create more women entrepreneurs for their socio-economic advancement and implement climate-related projects. “You (WB) can give a special fund for the socio-economic development of women in Bangladesh. The special fund will accelerate the government's efforts to create […]

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to meet independent MPs on 12th National Parliament election results

Election Commission sources said letters have already been issued to independent MPs to take a decision on reserved seats for women. According to the law, information about alliance formation has to be given within 21 days of the publication of the gazette of the results of the general elections. During this period, if any independent […]