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73 per cent of medical graduates are failing to pass the licencing exam in India

Apparently, Bangladesh is well ahead of other two South Asian countries, India and Pakistan. India and Pakistan have one medical college per 24 lac and 18 lac people respectively. But Bangladesh has one medical college per 14 lac people.

Government-run medical colleges have not been enough and the Bangladesh government has allowed private investment. So many entrepreneurs have established medical colleges. But that was commercially motivated. Bangladeshi medical colleges have been very expensive considering the fact that Bangladesh is a poor country.

Bangladeshi medical colleges have managed to attract students from other South Asian countries including India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Attracting foreign students was pride for Bangladeshi medical education sector.

Top Bangladeshi health experts have expressed their concerns on the country’s medical education system. In a recent webinar organized by health system development forum, experts have revealed that 73 per cent of MBBS students studied in Bangladeshi medical colleges are failing to pass licencing exam in India. Nepalese medical students studied in Bangladesh are also not getting proper recognization in their country.

A health expert Dr. Khashru has commented, Bangladeshi authority should ensure the quality of education before issuing the certificate.

Though Bangladesh has more medical colleges than neighboring countries but the quality of education is not ensured. Here teaching is lecture-based. Students are not getting qualified teachers, enough patients. Medical colleges are approved on the basis of political consideration.

Experts also expressed concerns about the cost of treatment. In the last two decades, medical treatment has become so expensive that even the middle class is failing to cope with the expense. Doctors advise for state of the art diagnostic tests but they don’t read test results with enough attention. Many frustrated patients are going abroad for better treatment.

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