Bangladeshi farmer killed using poisonous material by BSF?

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borderBangladesh-India border is one of the deadliest borders in the world in terms of casualty. Death of a minor Bangladeshi girl Felani Khatun was a seriously condemned incident in the international media. Amid pressure from international human right organizations and noticing anger among Bangladeshis, the Indian government assured that the Indian border guard BSF will use non lethal weapon in the border area.

They hardly kept their promise. They continued firing and invented new techniques to kill civilians. They killed by stoning, drowning, beating and suffocating. Perhaps the latest technique is by using poison.

Four to five Bangladeshi farmers of Kushtia district went to collect grass from a Bangladesh controlled field yesterday. They were chased by some BSF solders.  All the farmers except Bazlur Rahman managed to flee.

Bazlur rahman was tortured by BSF and killed. Later his body was recovered by Bangladeshi police. There is report that he was killed by suffocating. But there is another report that he was killed by pouring poisonous materials on him. Some rashes were found on his body including chest and face. If this allegation is true, this method of killing Bangladeshis in the border area is a new one.

There are some disputed territories in Bangladesh-India border, some are controlled by India and some are Bangladesh. Residents of these areas are waiting year after year for settlement. Bangladeshi border guard officials say, this is one of the disputed territories.

But there is no single incident that Bangladeshi border guards killed Indian civilians.

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