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First government owned solar power plant to be connected to national grid

Kaptai hydroelectric power plant was the first power plant of Bangladesh. A dam separated Karnaphuli River and created a manmade lake in the upstream. It was one of the largest manmade lake in the subcontinent when created. A new era is about to begin in the same region with environment friendly clean source of power, solar electricity. This 7.4 megawatt solar power station has started its test operation back in May and tomorrow will be its official inauguration day. Asian Development Board has allocated 68 crore taka for building the power plant. More than twenty four thousand solar panels are generating power on 19 acres of land. Chinese ZTE Corporation has implemented the project and they will operate first two years of the power plant, which has expectancy of 25 years. After the first two years, the Kaptai hydroelectric power plant authority will take over the charge of the solar power plant.
Experts say, power generation of solar power plants always depends of weather. They are hopeful that this power plant will generate one crore units per year. But maintenance is always a big concern in third world countries like Bangladesh. Government officials are more interested in new projects than maintaining running plants.

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