Apple and others could benefit from US lawsuit against Google

Brian Mandelbaum, chief executive of marketing firm Aten, said Apple Inc., which has been steadily growing its nascent advertising business and promoting it as privacy-focused, could be a winner if Google ads become less effective. It is possible Advertising industry executives say that Google’s business of placing ads on websites gives Google valuable information on […]

Taiwan probe finds 12 smartphone brands including Apple violate privacy rules

Taiwan has identified 12 smartphone brands that do not conform with its privacy standards, and the handsets makers could face fines or even an outright ban unless they address these breaches, an official at the telecoms regulator said on Friday. Taiwan’s government began to review privacy standards two months ago after media reports said smartphones […]

Will Lumia be a MAGIC phone?

Nokia launched a initial Widows smartphone in Nov final year in London during a Nokia World, in an try to recover a mislaid mark in a marketplace dominated by Android as good as Apple. During a mega event, had a event to verbalise with a little Nokia officials upon a latest phone ‘Nokia Lumia’. Nokia […]