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Trial room panic of actress Mehazabien Chowdhury

Popular clothing brand Arong was embarrassed when one of its workers secretly shoot changing room videos of his female colleagues. Later he blackmailed them and circulated some videos online. In another incident, popular beauty salon Persona was alleged for shooting its client’s changing room and massage parlor videos. These are not isolated incidents. Like other parts of the world, women in this country are also concerned about hidden camera in clothing store trial rooms.
The problem is much more complex for celebrities. They need to change costume is shooting spots and it’s very difficult to ensure security and privacy there.
Popular actress Mehazabien has shared her concern with her Acquaintances. Many of them has shared their bitter experiences. So Mehazabin decided to make a TV drama on this issue to mark international women’s day. She has scripted the TV drama titled ‘Third Eye’. Mehazabien herself has acted in this drama and Sraboni Ferdous has directed the drama.
Mehazabien mentioned she always turns off changing room light, so that camera can’t capture image.
Unfortunately this method will work only for ordinary cameras. Night vision cameras will still be able to capture image. So awareness and checking around before changing dress is the best option to ensure privacy.

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