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Why Mithila got involved with Evaly?

Prominent actresses Rafiath Rashid Mithila and Sabnam Faria were granted anticipatory bail from a High Court bench of Justice Jahangir Hossain and Justice Md Atoar Rahman today.

Evaly became synonymous with cheating in the Bangladeshi e-commerce industry. Many prominent figures, celebrities like Mithila, Sabnam Faria and Tahsan got involved with Evaly which made the e-commerce platform credible to customers.

Mr. Saad Sam Rahman a disgruntled Evaly customer has filed a case against Evaly owners claiming he has ordered products worth more than three lac taka. He has paid the money and the products were never delivered.

Mr. Saad Sam Rahman has also claimed that by using their fame, celebrities like Mithila have helped Evaly owners in this money embezzlement.

But talking to the media, actress Rafiath Rashid Mithila said, this case has no real merit against her, this is why she was granted anticipatory bail from High Court. She said, at that time when she was involved, Evaly had more than 40 lac customers. They trusted Evaly and she also trusted Evaly. It was not ill-motivated. Mithila has to surrender to the lower court after eight weeks, and she has to file a bail petition there.

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