CPD urges adjustment in capacity tariff to reduce subsidy burden instead of increasing electricity tariff

“Such amendments have raised questions about the transparency and accountability of the regulatory process. As a result, the entire burden has been placed on the shoulders of consumers which is neither expected nor appreciated”, he said. The CPD proposed a mixed approach to reduce the subsidy amount paid to BPDB without significantly increasing electricity prices […]

Minister of State for Commerce will increase market surveillance: Preparing list of essential commodities for Ramzan

Minister of State for Commerce Ahsanul Islam Titu has said that a comprehensive list of essential commodities along with their prices will be prepared with the approval of the Cabinet in preparation for next year's Ramzan. He said this at the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh […]

Dial 333 if items are charged extra

If customers in the market are charged extra for items, a complaint can be lodged by calling the number ‘333’. After that, steps will be taken accordingly. This service will be activated within 31 January. State Minister for Posts, Telecommunications as well as Information and Communication Technology Junaid Ahmed Palak announced the decision during a […]

Economy challenges: Finance Minister gives priority to necessary price control

A journalist asked how the Finance Ministry could coordinate with the Commerce Ministry in market monitoring. The Finance Minister replied that the Finance Ministry will not work alone and it will work in coordination with others. Asked about controlling money laundering and currency devaluation, the Finance Minister said, “Let us see what can be done […]

Government is taking steps to keep the market of essential commodities stable in Ramadan

The senior commerce secretary cautioned that strict legal action would be taken against those who try to create artificial crisis in the market. Every year before the holy month of Ramzan, the Commerce Ministry usually takes special initiatives to monitor the supply and price list of essential commodities like rice, wheat, edible oil, sugar, pulses, […]