‘BCB’s complain is too late’-PCB

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Recent Asia cup cricket presented a new Bangladesh cricket team which challenged three former world champions, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  Bangladesh is known as underdog in the international cricket arena. But in this Asia cup Bangladesh beat India and Sri Lanka, which took them through to the final.

Many thought that the final between Bangladesh and Pakistan will be a one side match. But it had a nail bite finish. The match was taken to the final over by the Bangladeshi batsmen. At that time Mahmudullah was the only recognized batsman and he faced the first ball of the over. He had the opportunity to take two runs. But it is alleged that the Pakistani bowler Aizaz Cheema deliberately blocked him, that’s why Mahmudullah failed to take the second run. That brought the tail ender to the strike.

Many cricket fans and experts think that if Mahmudullah was in the strike the story would be different. At the end the Bangladesh cricket board officially complained to the Asian Cricket Council. The Bangladesh cricket board thinks, because of the incident the Pakistan team should be punished by five runs. Bangladesh lost the match only by two runs and five runs changes the fate of the match.

The Pakistan cricket board is saying that the Bangladesh cricket boards complain is too late. If there was something wrong the field umpires could take action, but they didn’t.
The PCB officials think that this will not have any effect on relation between the two boards. Bangladesh team is due to visit Pakistan and in return Pakistan will support Bangladeshi candidate for the post of ICC president.

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