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Passengers’ fury over alleged ticketing black market

Only half of the rail tickets are sold on railway ticket counters. One fourth are sold via mobile phone remaining tickets are reserved for freedom fighters and VIPs.

Now rail tickets are sold before three days of travel date. But in most of the cases all tickets are sold within one hour of starting time. There is allegation that tickets are given to black marked with the help of some corrupt rail officials.

Yesterday a chaotic situation was created in Chittagong rail station when the rail officials declared that all tickets are sold only after ten minutes after starting.
The mob then blocked the station manager for one and half hour. At the end RAB (Rapid Action Battalion) members rushed to the scene and calmed the situation. The rail officials saying that, the demand is high and only few tickets are allotted for Chittagong station.
Though tickets are not available on the counter, but tickets are always available in black market.

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