Ekushe February being celebrated with high note

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International mother language day Ekhushe February is being celebrated with due respect and manner in Bangladesh today. Honorable president and Honorable prime minister of People’s republic of Bangladesh have went to Shaheed Minar at 00.01 Am today to show respect to the language fighters. A lot of language fighters sacrificed their lives in 1952 to keep the honor of the mother language (Bengali) high. Rafiq, Jabbar, Barkat, Shofiul were among the martyred who led the language war against West Pakistan. Pakistan wanted to compel Urdu Language to all people from West and East Pakistan. But Bangladeshi people (Past East Pakistan) did not agree with the decision given by Pakistan government. Ekushe February is celebrated in 21st February of every year with a lot of festivity. It is holiday in Bangladesh.

International Mother Language day
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