Garments dependency increased in the exporting sector of Dhaka govt

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Garments dependency has been increased on the exporting sector of Dhaka as well as Bangladesh. In spite of talking about the diversification of this sector the reality is as same as earlier. Eighty percent of the total target export of 2009-2010 fiscal years is expected to come from the garments sector. The export of readymade garments good was decreased in the last fiscal year of 2008-2009 for global recession. So the regulatory board decided to increase it in the current year. Three months of this fiscal year has already passed. Now, 7600 million dollar of export has been targeted for this year. It is suspected that the other exporting goods would be exported less than last year. Bangladesh government set mission based export target almost every fiscal year. To fix up this target export revenue, export market, economic condition and the global market condition of previous five years are counted. According to commerce ministry, the export target of last fiscal year was 6290 million dollar and they gained 5560 million dollar. The executive director of CPD (centre for policy dialogue) Mostafizur Rahman said, we are solely dependant on the readymade garments. We should come out with the export of new product to enter into different route. We should give attention to the product which has good demand at present and also has prospect for the future.

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