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My kids are neither Muslim nor Hindu – Shah Rukh Khan

In a country where Hindu fundamentalists controls almost every sector, Hindu fundamentalist political parties are most popular; Shah Rukh Khan is one of the few exceptions. In spite of coming from oppressed Muslim minority, Shah Rukh managed to establish himself strongly in Bollywood arena. Today he is known as “Badshah of Bollywood” or “King of Bollywood”. In 1991 Shah Rukh married to Gauri Chibber (Gauri Khan) who is from Hindu community. Shah Rukh publicly maintained he is still Muslim and his wife is still practicing Hinduism. Since then Shah Rukh fans have been eager to know about the religion of their kids.
In a recent TV show, Shah Rukh Khan disclosed this to his fans. Shah Rukh said, he is Muslim and his wife is Hindu. But their kids, are neither Muslim nor Hindu. We never discuss about religion, when they went to school, they had to write their religion. My daughter came to me once and asked ‘what is our religion?’ I simply wrote in her form that we are Indian, we do not have a religion. Everyone present their praised Khan’s comment with clapping.

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