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Shokh quits from showbiz again?

After a very long break popular actress and model Anika Kabir Shokh was back in showbiz with two television dramas. It was before last Eid. Those TV dramas are ‘Shamchu Bhai Shongshari Hote Chai’ and ‘Ahonkar’. Both of those was aired on private channel RTV and received appreciation from television viewers. At that time Shokh informed, because of some personal and familial difficulties she couldn’t work for showbiz. She assured to work regularly after the Eid.
But Shokh is virtually missing now. Journalists and directors can’t reach her on mobile phone. She never receives phone call. In most of the cases her mobile phone is found switched off. Some of her close guys have informed to media that she has lost her interest on showbiz.
Shokh was debuted with television commercials. Later acted in many TV dramas and telefilms. She appeared on silver screen also. In the year 2016, she married to another model and actress Niloy. But that marriage didn’t last long. Apparently that divorce impacted on Shokh’s professional career also. She wasn’t happy with her personal life either. But Shokh is still very popular so producers and directors are pushing her to pursue acting career.

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