Some ways to speed up Wi-Fi

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Wi-Fi Speed wayLow speed of Wi-Fi is a common problem to everyone.Whatever one can escape from this problem very easily. Here are some ways to speed up Wi-Fi :

  1. Change the location of Router

Located Router in the right place is an easy way to speed up Wi-Fi. In maximum case, router is located adjacent to the wires, which is not right. Moreover, Antenna is not located at the right place. As a result, the antenna can’t receive and send signals. Router should be placed in such a place as it can receive and send signal from everywhere.

  1. Add a high quality antenna in front of the wireless router

In some cases, change of router location can’t speed up Wi-Fi. In that case, an antenna can speed up Wi-Fi. If the router is surrounded with wall or others, an external antenna should be placed in the front of router.

  1. Add a wireless repeater

User can get help by adding repeater to enhance Wi-Fi area.It is a device to add router and other devices.


  1. Stop background data downloading

Running many applications or tabs in the background can slow down internet speed. So, the background applications or tabs should be closed to speed up internet

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