“Troop mobilization news is nothing but rumor”- Nasaka

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Every independent state gets twelve nautical miles from the shore. After twelve nautical miles the sea area is considered as international sea area. But every state may use two hundred nautical miles of its sea to extract natural resources.

Situation in the Bay of Bengal is different. Here position of Bangladesh is like at the bottom of a funnel. India and Myanmar wants to use equidistance method to demarcate the sea boundary. As a result Bangladesh will be a sea locked country. So Bangladesh argues, here method of equity should be followed. It was a long standing dispute with the neighboring countries.

Bangladesh and Myanmar was on the verge of a war when the Myanmar authority wanted to set a rig in the dusted area. At that time both country deployed their naval ships there.

Now an UN-backed tribunal has given its verdict and it accepted that here equidistance method is not applicable.

The Bangladesh borer guard has intelligence report that Myanmar border guard Nasaka has deployed troops near Bangladesh border; even main army troops are also deployed.

Bangladesh border guard requested Nasaka to sit on a flag meeting. At the meeting the Nasaka claimed the news of deploying troops is totally a rumor and they are accepting the verdict given by the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

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