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Media is gripped by the businessmen

Media is gripped by the businessmen; this concern was expressed by some experts in a workshop organized in Dhaka.

Media is the eye of the people. Media played an important role in the Pakistan era; they informed the East Pakistanis how they are deprived. Perhaps without media it would not be possible.

At that time media was controlled by some dedicated journalists, who had a dream of welfare state. They struggled through their whole life for that.
It is said that journalists should not have any friend. That means they have to write what they see. But now journalists have many friends and they are dedicated to their friends, not to the people.

Situation here in Bangladesh is not different. Large business groups run media. This is why some dedicated journalists facing difficulty in reporting the truth which goes against the businessmen.

Now there is only a few media which is committed to people. This opinion came from a workshop organized to train over fifty journalists. In his inaugural speech the attorney general Mahbube Alam said, now the media is controlled by the business groups and these media in only concerned with their interest. Though there are some good media, but those are not enough to accommodate dedicated journalists. A justice and a teacher from Dhaka university law department conducted the daylong workshop.

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