Nurse show caused for pushing date expired IV saline

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A sixty-year-old patient, Abu Hanif Hawlader was pushed date expired IV saline at Sharankhola health complex of Bagerhat district. This alleged incident took place on Wednesday. Attendants of the patient have alleged that this date expired saline has started irritation.

But the hospital authority has claimed that the patient is under observation and now in a stable state. This patient was admitted to the hospital in the early hours of Wednesday. Then he was given government-supplied IV saline by the nurse.

Later, the daughter of the patient noticed the expiration date and called the nurse. By the time, two-thirds of the saline bag was finished.

The Resident Medical Officer (RMO) of the hospital, Dr. S M Faisal has claimed, that the patient came to the hospital with a complaint of irritation and high blood pressure. The nurse has pushed the saline without checking the expiration date. The alleged nurse Shamima has been show caused, and the authority is checking whether there are more date expired items at the store.

Bangladeshi government and private hospitals have long been criticized for mistreatment and the situation is getting worse day by day, though every year the government has been spending a huge amount of money on the health sector. Corruption and mismanagement are blamed for the mess. Many health experts have criticized the capitalistic privatization of the health sector.

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