Silent Island might become greatest place for tourism in Bangladesh

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Nijhum Diip (Silent Island) is becoming a very well known name for the people of Bangladesh. Formally it is known as ‘Chor Osman’.

Deers in Silent Island (Nijhum diip)
Deers in Silent Island (Nijhum diip)

It has become a place to observe the holidays. If anybody starts journey at afternoon from Dhaka, he will be able to reach there by next day 10 am. Infact, he will directly reach to Chor Tomuroddi of hatia sub district. After landing there from steamer, you have to change your vehicle. You have to wait for the right flow of the river. When the time comes you have to ride on an engine operated boat to reach Nizum Diip. You have to pass mighty river Meghna to reach there which will take at least three hours. Youmight reach there by will feel extra natural feelings by seeing the dreamful beauty of the Island. You will find out fresh fish there to enjoy the dinner. There is a resort to stay. You might feel some havean joy at night. Everything might be felt very supernatural to you. In the next day you might go out to see the Kewra forest.  To go there you have to walk through the nice village with sandal less leg. Everything would seem very calm and quiet there. In fact, it might be the reason of taking the name of this Island. Suddenly you may find out a sound of falling fruits from the tree of Kewra. Kewra forest is basically one kind of mangrove forest. If you go inside the forest you will find out a lot of song from different birds. You will also find a lot of Chitra deer. The forest ministry released 7-10 deer at 1974. Now the number of deer is almost 27000. There are some dog and foxes too. But there is no ferocious animal. Therefore, people can go here and there very freely without any kind of fear. The Island is about 10000 acre and almost 30000 people live there. This Island is surrounded by Bay of Bengal, Padma and Meghna.

Day by day it is becoming popular to the people. But the communication is not that easy to go. There is also some problem of straying for the lack of Hotel and Motel. If the government takes necessary steps to set up a good infrastructure it might become a very well known international tourism place. Government can also earn huge amount of foreign money by taking the initiatives. It is a natural asset which requires enough care from human being.

Communication cost: you have to go from Dhaka to chor Tomuruddi By Steamer. If you take double sit cabin, it will cost 1500 taka. Or you may choose deck to reduce the cost which will cost taka 200 for each person. Next, the reserve trawler or engine boat will cost 2500 taka for whole team. There is no good hotel or motel. The only good place to stay is the Dak Banglo (rest house) of Obokash Parjatan Ltd which is known as Nijhum resort. The double bed will cost 1000 taka here. Other than you can stay cheaply at mosque boarding which will take only 70 taka per person. You have to hire a 13/14 years old boy as your guide. He will be happy by getting 100 taka per day.

So now take preparation to go Silent Island for a hundred percent pure refreshment.

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